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Defining your need


Either live, by phone or by email, we will define the main parameters ranges and limitations of the project and establish the project specifications.

It is at this step that the main functionalities of the equipment are set.



The project key documentations are defined at this step: 

  • the P&ID
  • the data sheets
  • the 3D general assembly drawing
  • the Inspection and Test Plan
  • the calculation note (pressure equipment directive, weather and earthquake effects…)

Project management

The project management includes : 

  • Purchases
  • Monitoring of manufacture
  • Internal tests
  • Documentation management
  • Factory Acceptance Test
  • Packing
  • Delivery

Commissioning and Start up

We will join you on site to control the correct installation of the equipment as well as helping you starting it and handle it. The main steps are : 

  • The pre-commissioning
  • The commissioning
  • The SAT (Site Acceptance Test)
  • The start up.