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There are 4 main types of skids manufactured by Seletech.
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Fuel Gas Skid

The fuel gas skids manage the gas turbine’s fuel gas. Often, the conditioning of the fuel gas consists of a reduction of the inlet pressure adapted to the turbines, the removal of every liquids and particules up to a filtration/separation threshold set in the design phase, and then an overheat of the gas to prevent the apparition of any droplets before the combustion in the turbine.

Pressure range : 150 to 900#

Temperature range : -40 to +95°C

Flow rates : 1500 to 210 000 Nm3/h



Metering skids

Fiscals metering skids must have a great accuracy since they allow the billing of the gas transferred from a network to another.

Additionally, we will provide the gas chromatographs and dew point analysers (HC & H2O) that are connected to the meter.

Pressure range : 150 to 900#

Temperature range : -40 to +95°C

Flow rate : in MMSCFD



Injection skids

These skids manage the injection of chemicals additives in a process. Example: THT injection in natural gas for an odorization of it. The quantities of injected liquids are usually very low and thus requires precise dosing pumps. The tank capacity must be adapted to the required autonomy.

Pressure range : atm to 1500#

Temperature range : -40 to +95°C

Flow rate : 0 to 60 L/h



Seal Gas Skid

The seal gas skids manage the natural gas for the compressors’ sealing gaskets. The conditioning includes a filtration/separation and an overheating of the natural gas.

Pressure range : 900 to 2500#

Temperature range : -40 to +121°C

Flow rate : 0 to 600Nm3/h